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Watch this video and more on Onelife Anywhere

Day 3 - Advanced MetCon Core and Agility with Josh

HIIT Workouts • 29m

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    APEX Cardio. Got thirty minutes? Perfect blend of body weight drills and movement to develop agility, speed, and improve cardiovascular health. This workout is for everyone. Ignite your results!

    Suggested Props: mat
    Target Areas: Whole body
    Sweat Level: 3

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    Combine elements of high intensity intervals to increase athletic performance and weight bearing exercises that focus on building leg strength and power.

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    APEX HIIT. Fun-ctional exercises that translate to everyday life. This class is for everyone. Cardio, strength, yoga, and Pilates movements designed to help achieve your personal fitness goals.

    Suggested Props: weights – dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, mat
    Target Areas: Whole body
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