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Watch this video and more on Onelife Anywhere

Day 4 - Intermediate Part 2 - APEX Cardio #1 with Sam



  • Day 4 - Intermediate Part 1 - Warm up...

    These simple moves will get your blood moving and muscles warm. This warm up is for everyone and for all levels of fitness.

    Props: Mat (optional), water, towel
    Sweat Scale: 2

  • Day 5 - Beginner Part 1 - APEX HIIT #...

    APEX HIIT. Fun-ctional exercises that translate to everyday life. This class is for everyone. Cardio, strength, yoga, and Pilates movements designed to help achieve your personal fitness goals.

    Suggested Props: weights – dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, mat
    Target Areas: Whole body
    Sweat Leve...

  • Day 6 - Advanced APEX YOGA #4 with JoJo

    APEX YOGA. The APEX you know and love with a twist. Use yoga inspired movement to build strength, balance and flexibility. Weights are optional. This program is for all levels of exercisers.

    Suggested Props: mat, light weights
    Target Areas: Whole body
    Sweat Level: 3

    If you have any healt...